Chief Peter John

Peter John Peter John (b. 1900, d. 2003) made important contributions to the documentation of the Lower Tanana language through numerous recordings. Born in Rampart to parent from Minto he possessed a deep knowledge of traditional Athabascan culture, language, and lifeways.

His life story has been well documented in the 1997 book The Gospel According to Peter John, edited by Dave Krupa and available from the Alaska Native Knowedge Network. In addition, many recordings, some transcribed, are available from ANLA thanks to the efforts of Prof. James Kari.

Peter John Recordings at ANLA (not exhaustive list)

Title: [Peter John, Common Expressions, Kuskokwim Story in English]
Contributor(s):  John, Peter (speaker);  Travis, Michael (interviewer);

Title: [Peter John, Blind Man and Loon]
Contributor(s):  John, Peter (speaker);

Title: Yochwx
Contributor(s):  Kari, James (interviewer);  John, Peter (speaker);

Title: [Peter John, Chiefs, Ch'ethchena Yex]
Contributor(s):  John, Peter (speaker);

Title: [Tr'ootha Kenaga]
Contributor(s):  John, Peter (speaker);  Krupa, David (interviewer);

Title: [Chief Peter John, Robert Charlie of Minto, About Chena Athabascans]
Contributor(s):  Creamer O'Malley-Keys, Jeannie (interviewer);  John, Peter (speaker);  Charlie, Robert (speaker);
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