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Title [Kaj Birket-Smith]
Description:1 Ms. Eyak language field notes all burned by Birket-Smith in his old age (Pers. com with Birket-Smith's son on telephone ca. 1986.) All that remains are two pages of lexicon, 34 items as copied by Louis L. Hammerich, box 16 Kgl.bibliothek.
2 Publications by Birket-Smith on the 1933 Expedition without linguistic data:
(1) Plan for en arkaeologisk ekspedition til Alaska sommeren 1933. In: Geografisk Tidsskrift 36.62,65, 1933.
(2) Die danisch-amerikanische Alaska expedition 1933. In: Ethnologisher Anzeiger, 3.2, p.284-286.
(3) Guld og Gronne Skove. Excerpt from the book by the same title. 1935. Relevant pages:86-102. 
(4) Forelobig beretning om den dansk-amerikanske ekspedition til Alaska 1933. In: Geografisk tidsskrift, bd. 37, hefte 3-4, 1934.
(5) Blandt Eskimoer og Indianere i Alaska. In: Aarsskrift 1933-34, p 112-130. 
(6) De gadefulde eyak-indanere. In: Strejftog, arktiske, tropiske og midt imellem,1968. p. 93-101. 
 See also EY933B1935 for the book Guld og Gronne Skove and an English translation by M. Krauss of relevant pages.
Comments 1933-1940
Contributors Birket-Smith, Kaj (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType description
Files: Birket-Smith.pdf

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