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Title [Eyak Field Notes]
Description:Ms. Mostly from Galushia (and Anna) Nelson,  with some from Old Man Dude.  Recorded in Cordova, during  three days in 1930 and 17 days in June 1933.  Six small notebooks contain mostly lexicon and ethnography mixed, mostly in the hand of de Laguna.  About 30 pages total are in the hand of Norman Reynolds, a graduate student who probably had many of his own notes with him.  All efforts to locate them have failed.  Six,13, 15,17, and 19 contains text from Galushia Nelson, transcribed by Reynolds. The first Eyak text, never published, on potlatch trip. Eyak terms appear passim, as does material from Old Man Dude.  There is also a small notebook of 1930 with material from Gus and Galushia Nelson, 12 pages, no linguistics.
Ca. 310 pages.
Comments Frederica deLaguna xeroxed all pages of her Eyak field notebooks that had linguistic material in about 1963 and sent them to M. Krauss. The fate of the notebooks is unknown. Not at the Smithsonian. Hopefully they will be found where Marie Francoise Guedon deposited her papers in Ottowa. The notes may be of great value. M. Krauss 7/9/2015.
Contributors de Laguna, Frederica (author)
Reynolds, Norman (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType description
Files: EY933-DR1933.pdf

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