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Title [Population numbers from publications on Russian America]
Description:Ts. Copies of published statements by Veniminov on Eyak. Five publications and some derivative references.
1 Copy of Zapiski Zapiski ob ostrovakh Unalashkinskago otdiela [Notes on the islands of the Unalaska District]. 1840.
2 Copy of wordlist. 2 p.
3 Four pages of notes by M. Krauss, listing and analyzing Veniaminov's language groupings and populations.
4 Copy of Rukopiye k t khlebnikova Priboavleniye o narodakh naselyayushchikh kolonii rossiiysko-amerikanskoy komlanii [Khlebnikov manuscript for the Priboavlenie about peoples inhabiting the colony Rossiiyskih American Company] a Russian language publication referring to Khlebnikov ca 1825 with Eyak data. 2 pp.
See also: EY961K2006
Comments This ms is dated 1840. The ANLA identifier EY830V1830, can not be changed to reflect the correct date. WC 2015
Citation Zapiski ob ostrovakh Unalashkinskago otdiela [Notes on the islands of the Unalaska District]. 3 volumes. Ioann Evseevich Veniaminov, 1840. Tip. Rossisskoi Imperatorskoi akademii, St. Petersburg, p.5-8.
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (annotator)
Veniaminov, Ivan (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType ethnographic
Files: Veniaminov.pdf
Veniaminov better.pdf

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