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Title [Eyak Vocabulary]
Description: 1 Ms. Comparative wordlist. Sixth column is Eyak, ca. 1,175 items, done late 1805 in Sitka.  Published by Radloff, 1857. Copy of the Russian to Eyak index to EY961K1970a: The Eyak Dictionary by Michael Krauss.
2 Ms. Notes by M. Krauss, 9 p.
3 Printout of microfilm of original ms. last two columns of Tlingit and Eyak only with typed English translation of Russian, by M. Krauss. Held at GPB Leningrad. GPB 7-1-139. 62 p. of wordlist columns.
4 Ms. Appended Introduction, copy of original draft, 3 p.
5 Ts. Biographical information on  Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov.
6 Ms. In GPB there are three copies, the original and two fair copies. Copy of title page, introduction and sample pages of the comparative wordlist in the neatest hand.
7 Ts. Translation from Russian to English of the Introduction. M. Krauss.
8 Correspondence from M. Krauss to K. Bergsland, 1968.
9 Ts. List of English translation of Russian gloss and translation of actual Eyak response reflecting significant misunderstandings. 3 p.
Citation In Slovar' Unalashkinskago, Kad'yaksago, Kinayskago, Kolyuzhskago, Ugalykhmutskago, i Chugatskago Yazykov.  Fond Adelunga, Academy of Sciences, Leningrad, ms. 118, 61 pp.
Contributors Rezanov, Nikolai Petrovich (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType ethnographic
Files: EY805R1805.pdf

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