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Title [The Natural History and Ethnological Observations of William Anderson]
Description:The first Eyak word ever written down.
Ts. A Vocabulary of Prince William's Land by William Anderson, Surgeon and naturalist on James Cook's Resolution voyage in Alaska, 1778. Anderson compiled a 25 word list, 8 of which are Dena'ina. Of the remaining 16 words, 10 are Chugach Yupik and 2 could be either Yupik or Eyak and 3 are not Yupik but could be Eyak. The original ms by Anderson was lost but editor Douglas published it in Voyage (Cook 1784) p. 375-376.
Walker and Strange had Cook's book on their expedition and elicited the Eyak word A ka'shou.
2 Michael Krauss and Jeff Leer annotations on printed list.
3 Michael Krauss notes, 4 p.
4 Correspondence between Michael Krauss and C.F. David, 1982. 4p.
ca.18 p.
Comments Michael Krauss urges caution on any data supplied by Peter A Lanyon-Orgill who claimed that his ancestor was on Cooks Expedition and left him a wordlist which mysteriously was sold and disappeared. Krauss strongly suspects Lanyon-Orgill to be a fraud.
M. Krauss 2014
Citation Voyage, Cook 1778 Douglas 1784
British Museum, Admiralty ms. 55/113, f. 60
Contributors Krauss, Michael E. (annotator)
Anderson, William (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Eyak
LingType description

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