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Title [Tatitlek Sugcestun, Phillip Borodkin, Goerge Vlasoff]
Description:Songs about Damla; Phillip: a) How we've been living here; b) Winds, How we call them; c) Elizabeth and Phillip; d) Phillip, Tlingit encounter; e) When I was young; f) Church Songs, Sugeetun and Russian; g) Phillip's Life Story; Phillip Borodkin- Tatilek 1961- Sugcestun (with wife Elizabeth and grand daughter Donna Greorieff); RO church songs by above group; George Vlasoff: Speas and sings RO songs; Phillip Borodkin's life stroy; Story of the "Oregon"

Phillip Borodkin with his wife Elizabeth and grand daughter Donna Gregorieff. Russion Orthodox Church songs by the above group. George Vlasoff speaks and sings RO songs. Phillip Borodkin- life stories, story of the "Oregon".
Comments NSF Reed collection; See SU961R1961g-06 for more information regarding the Oregon. Alternate tape name ANLC6154.
Contributors Reed, E. Irene (interviewer)
Borodkin, Phillip (speaker)
Vlasoff, George (speaker)
Gregorieff, Donna (speaker)
Type Sound
Subject Language(s) Alutiiq (Sugpiaq)
LingType song
Collection Leer Koniag Alutiiq Audio Collection
Files: ANLC6154A.wav

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