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Title [Dena'ina stories and tape trancriptions].
Description:Ms. unpublished original stories transcribed By Wassilie including:
1) Arrows for large game, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Brown Bear by Vonga Bobby.
2) Shet quinzhi By Emma Alexie.
3) Caribou bones used to make hand tools by Vonga Bobby, recorded by P. Kari in 1981, transcribed by Andrew Balluta. In english.
4) Ch'iduchuq'a by Ruth Koktelash.
5) Qenshisheya By Ruth Koktelash.
6) Ki gguya gheljayi ch'tazun/ Boy Who Went to the Moon.
7) Old Peoples Names by Nick Kohyaha, or Albert Wasillie or Peter Kalifornski?
8) Antone Evan  on Material Culture. ANLC 1390.
9) Introduction to Native Elders Nov. 11, 1988 by Albert Wassilie. In English.
10) Lecture for Knowledge of Native Elders class ANS 401, Nov. 10, 1988,  by Albert Wassilie summarised by  Richard Cline.
11) Correspondence.
12) Nondalton U of A Interview with Ruth Koktelash, by Andrew Balluta, Translated by Albert Wassilie in 1981.
Contributors Wassillie, Albert (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType text-traditional

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