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Title Text: [Aleut texts]: Jochelson:1925.
Description:Ts. with annotations by Bergsland. Widely spaced typescript Aleut text with interlinear ms. English and ms. and ts. free translations.  Jochelson worked on this collection in New York 1925-1935, then turned it over to Boas, who gave it to the NYPL in 1943.  It was inventoried and sorted in 1943 by Roman Jakobson; further edited in 1950-52 by Gordon Marsh, and then by Bergsland, 1950-.  Most of the texts were transcribed with, or perhaps wholly by Leontiy Ivanovich Sivtsev and Alexey Mironovich Yachmenev.  81 texts, mostly Eastern Aleut, 8 Attuan, no Atkan, collected 1909-1910.  Extremely valuable, most of what is known of traditional Aleut literature, but only part of the original collection, the Aleut-Russian notebooks having been lost, though at least some of the original phonographic cylinders survive.  Storytellers include:  Unalaska, Sidor Solovyev (31 texts), Leontiy Sivtsev (3), Alexey Yachmenev (1, and 6 translations from Attuan to Eastern), Ilarion Menshov (1), Martha Golodova (1); Umnak, Timofei Dorofeyev (13), Arsen' Krukov (12), Ivan Suvorov (7), E. Plotnikova (1); Attu, Stepan Prokopyev (1, 2 Eastern to Attuan translations).  In addition, narrations by two Atkans, Mikhail Mershenin (3) and Pyotr Khroshev (2), survive on the cylinders.  The APS material consists of the same typescript as NYPL without interlinear, partial, pp. 228-244, 370-1148 of NYPL, and 3 Umnak texts (45, 47, 48), 13 pp. interlinear typescript redone by Boas from the original and mailed to Harrington Nov. 6, 1941, with note, "I should be very much indebted to you if you could revise the abominable spelling and the uncertain accentuation." See also  AL909J1925a.
Comments In 7 folders.
Contributors Jochelson, Waldemar [Iokhel'son, Vladimir] (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType text-traditional
Collection Bergsland Collection

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