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Title Text: [Aleut and Russian texts]: Various Authors, 1842-1972.
Description:Ms. and ts. file of miscellaneous texts from Russian sources, probably sent to Bergsland by Krauss.
1) Veniaminov, I. 1842. Innokentii, Metropolitan of Moscow.
2) Netsvetov. 1842.  Two sermons delivered in July 1842 at Bering Island.
3) Tunux, 1842.
4) Orlova, Ye. P. Date unknown. Texts from the Soviet Aleut Primer.
5) Netsvetov, Iakov. Date unknown. Copies of Alaska Church Collection, Box 229; Travel Journal of Iakov Netsvetov. 1975 citation. List of church members.
5) Orlova, Ye. P. 1972. Rol'Dal'nevostochnogo Tekhnikuma Narodov Severa v sozdanij i vnedrenii pis'mennos ti etikh narodov: The Role of the Far Eastern Technical School of the Northern Peoples in Creating and Implementing writing systems for these peoples. In Izvestija Sibirskogo Otdelenija Akademii Nauk SSR N 11, Vyp 3.
7) Unknown author. 1932. Materialy I Vserossijskoj Konferentsii po razvitiju jazykov i pis'mennosti navrodov severa: Materials of the All Russian conference on Development of Languages and Writing Systems of the Northern Peoples USSR. In Research Association of the Northern Peoples, USSR. Uchpedgiz, 1932. A historical document containing the plans on creating a writing system for all the languages of the Northern peoples of Russiain cyrillic, and plans to develop learning materials for these languages.
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType educational
Collection Bergsland Collection

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