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Resource Details

Title Personal names: [Shelikoff Journal 1940]: Bergsland: [1970s].
Ms.  legder book. Possibly ships logs containing passenger name lists crew lists and journal entries from 1926-1940. See also AL940Sh1940. Note by M. Krauss reads " Luke Shelikoff picture (on) p.127 in Lydia Black [1982], Aleut Art. Chief of Akutan.  Niece Xenia Burevin, Akutan. found it in his effects, gave (it to) Pat Petrivelli, P.P. gave it to Lydia Black. Xeroxed by MEK 1988".
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Shelikoff, Luke (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType description
Collection Bergsland Collection

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