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Title General: [Fortescue manuscripts and offpirnts,1992-1997]: Fortescue: 1992.
Description:Ts. manuscripts and off prints :
1) Fortescue, M. 1992. Morphophonemic Complexity and Typological Stability in a Polysynthetic Language Family.
2) Fortescue, M. Date unknown. The Degree of Interrelatedness between Inuit Dialects as Reflected by Percentages of Shared Affixes.
3)Fortescue, M. 1994. Tense, Aspect and Action.
5) Fortescue, M. Date unknown. The Origins of Chukotko- Kamchatkan Verbal Inflection (two drafts) .
6)Fortescue, M. Date unknown. The Development of Morphophonemic Complexity in Eskimo Languages.
7) Bergsland, Knut. 1997. How did the Aleut Language Become Different From the Eskimo Languages?
Contributors Fortescue, Michael D. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
Collection Bergsland Collection

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