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Title Text: [Aleut school book file]: Lestenkof: 1978.
Description:Ts. correspondence between M. Krauss and Alexandra Tu. School books by various authors including Lestenkof, Tu, Dirks, Taff.  Lesson plans; Songs; Copies of school books: See also ALE978L1979a; ALE978LLT1979; ALE978LT1979a; ALE978LT1979b; Atkan Food; ALE987 L1978a ; Primary readers, conversational dialogs; Eastern Aleut only with glossary at end, English-Aleut. Not annotated.
Contributors Gromoff, Alexandra [Tu, Alice] (author)
Lestenkof, Michael D. (author)
Taff, Alice (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType educational
Collection Bergsland Collection

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