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Title Dictionary:[Data from the Veniaminov Catechism]: Bergsland [1980s].
Description:Ms. notes by Bergsland on Veniaminovs 1826 Katixizis. Beginnings of the Teachings of Christ or Short Holy History, or Short Catechisis translated from Russian to Aleut by Priest I. Veniaminov in 1827, corrected by Priest Jacob Netsvetov in 1837 for the Atkan speakers. St Petersberg, Synodal typography 1840. Ms, letter and ms. sent to Bishop for printing June 21, 1827. See also AL825VP1826a,b.
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType lexicon
Collection Bergsland Collection

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