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Title General: [Russian offprints]: Various Authors, 1971-76.
Description:Ts. offprints of published materials, some annotated by Bergsland:
1) Vakhtin, Nikolai Borisovich. 1976. Subject and Object in Eskimo.
2) Volodin, A. P. 1971. Review of D. St Worth , Dictionary of Western Kamchadal.
3) Vakhtin, Nikolai Borisovich and Golovko, Evgeniy V. 1986. Eskimo- Aleut lexicostatistics, 1986.
Contributors Vakhtin, Nikolai Borisovich (author)
Golovko, Evgeniy V. (author)
Volodin, A. P. (author)
Subject Language(s) Kamchadal
Collection Bergsland Collection

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