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Title Engithidong Xugixudhoy (Their Stories of Long Ago.)
Description:Book. 127 pp. Told in Deg Hit'an Athabaskan by Belle Deacon of Anvik. Nine stories with facing page translations (some also with free translations) in English. Recorded by Karen McPherson and James Kari. Transcribed by James Kari. Translated by Belle Deacon and James Kari with the help of Jim Dementi, Grace John, Alta Jerue, Chad Thompson, Donna MacAlpine, and Eliza Jones. Illustrated by Cindy Davis. Foreword by Donna MacAlpine, Preface by James Kari.
Citation Fairbanks: Alaska Native Language Center, College of Liberal Arts, University of Alaska Fairbanks and McGrath: Iditarod Area School District.
Contributors Deacon, Belle (author)
Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Deg Xinag
LingType text-ethnographic

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