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Title Dictionnaire de la langue Dene-Dindjie.
Description:[original copy of text]
Introduction and discussions of Athabaskan peoples and languages, i-xlv; comparative grammar of Chipewyan, Hare, Kutchin xlvii-lxxxv; French-Athabaskan dictionary, for Chipewyan, Hare, Kutchin and many forms in other Canadian languages; ca. 15,000 French entries, ca. 26,000 Kutchin forms (much repetition). lxxxvii & 367 pp. (quarto).
Comments Shelved Oversize.  [available at UAF library on microfiche];
Transcription was far superior to others of the time; a section of the Gwich'in word list done by Isadore Clut and A. LeCorre in Alaska, 1873. Digital copy from Full color scan provided by Chris Cannon, July 2012.
Contributors Petitot, Emile (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Chipewyan
LingType dialectology
Files: KU863P1876-Archive_org.pdf

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