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Title [Holikachuk wordlists.]
Copy of ms. wordlist from Louise and Marion (last names not recorded) of Shageluk, 6 pp.; ms. wordlist notes from Pete Gregory of Dishkakat, 16 pp. Lightly annotated by Krauss. Also, ts. copy of SIL questionnaire for Athapaskan languages, basis for elicitation. Ca. 1,300 words and phrases, Ingalik with some mixture of Holikachuk. Lacks recognition for separateness of language from Ingalik.19 pp.
Cross referenced with IK959Z1959 [Ingalik wordlists]. "HO/KO" written on several of the pages. "Xeroxed for IK" [Ingalik] written on one page.
Contributors Gregory, Pete (author)
Louise, Maryion (author)
Zimmerman, Herbert (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Holikachuk
LingType lexicon

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