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Title Text: [Nikolski field notebooks Nos. 4a, 4b]: Marsh: 1952.
Ms. notebooks:
(1) N4a, lexicon, paradigms, interrogative sentences, syntax, from Fred Bezezekoff. 14 pp.
(2) N4b, lexicon and misc. notes from Afenogin Ermeloff, notes on Ermeloff texts in Ermeloff and Marsh 1949 (Doctoring the Weather, Umnak Native, Outside Men), texts on p. 27.  31pp.
Bergsland's copy of Marsh's field notes sent by Krauss. Also in collection AlE948M1952f.
Contributors Bezezekoff, Afenogin (author)
Ermeloff, Afenogin Kirillovich (author)
Marsh, Gordon H. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType grammatical
Collection Bergsland Collection

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