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Title Text: [Nikolski notebooks]: Marsh; Ermeloff: 1952
Ms. fieldnotes: 
(1) 1948, includes text transcribed from wire recording of Afenogin K. Ermeloff; lexicon from AKE; lexicon and paradigms from Jenny and Oxenia Krukoff, Larry Chercassen; Umnak placenames; names of fishes and birds from Turner 1886; 25 lexical slips. 
(2, 3) N2a and N2b, 1949, include lexicon from AKE and Anton Bezezekoff; ethnographic notes, including "The Killing of Jake" in English only.
Contributors Bezezekoff, Anton (author)
Chercassen, Larry (author)
Ermeloff, Afenogin Kirillovich (author)
Krukoff, Jenny (author)
Krukoff, Oxenia (author)
Marsh, Gordon H. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType lexicon
Collection Bergsland Collection

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