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Resource Details

Title Grammar: [Aleut Dialects of Atka and Attu]: Bergsland: 1959.
Ts. soft bound book. Introduction, history of study, pp. 5-10; tribal, personal, place names, maps, 11-56; Atkan texts with English translation (Netsvetov 1840, transcriptions by Cedor Snigaroff, William Dirks Sr., Backmeister sentences of 1780, Salomatov Gospel of Mark); Attuan texts with English translation (Jochelson 58, 59, 75, 76, 71, 33, 32; transcriptions by Michael Lokanin and Alfred Prokopeuff).  Of greatest importance for Aleut linguistics.  See reviews by Benveniste 1961, Shimkin 1960, and Swadesh 1962.
Also in Collection AL950B1959.
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType placenames
Collection Bergsland Collection

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