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Title Personal Names:[History of Akutan file]: Bergsland: [1970s].
Description:1) Ts. copies of census data: Lists of community members petitioning for a school in 1919.
2) Sea Otter Banks of Alaska, Washington Govt. Printing Office, 1897.
3) Native Family Records, Nikolski, 1940. 
4) Excerpts from thesis papers listing names ages and fluency of speakers: Spaulding Philip, 1955, An Ethnohistorical Study of Akutan: An Aleut Community. Berreman, Gerald Duane, 1953, A Contemporary Study of Nikolski: An Aleut Village.
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Berreman, Gerald Duane (author)
Casselo, Frank (author)
Hooper C.L. (author)
Spaulding, Phillip T. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
Collection Bergsland Collection

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