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Title Text: Aleutian Stories: Golder: 1907.
Ts. copies of pages from a book.  Songs and Stories of the Aleuts, with translations from Veniaminoff, Journal of American Folklore, 20, 1907.  Eskimo and Aleut Stories from Alaska, Journal of American Folklore, 22, 1909.
The Sad Woman; The Woman Who Was Fond of Intestines; The Man and Woman Who Became Sea Otters; A Sea Otter Story; The Brother and Sister Who Became Hair-Seals; Chief Agitaligak, A Story for Husbands, The First Sea Otters; The Appearance of the Devils; The Woman Who Became A  Bear; The Old Man of the Volcano; The Woman With One Eye; The Woman Without a nose; The Woman With One Eye (Unga), The Fight For A Wife; Koikoiusa; The Boy With Seal Flippers; The Lake Monster; The Sinew Rope; Ughek. All in English.
Contributors Golder, Frank A. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType text-traditional
Collection Bergsland Collection

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