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Title Texts: [Jochelson File]: Bergsland: 1980.
Description:Bergsland's annotated copies of  background information:
1) Ts. correspondence 1977,1985,1986. 
2) Domherr-Jochelson Collection, list of artifacts, list of correspondence 1923-1974 (Lydia Domherr is Jochelson's neice).
3) People of the Foggy Seas.
4) Report from Knut Bergsland and Moses Dirks on work in the summer of 1987 with Jochelsons Aleut language materials.
5) M. Krauss. 1985. Phonograph Cylinder recordings of 1909-1910 by Jochelson and the Aleut text corpus;
 6) W. Jochelson. 1912. The Aleut Language and its relation to the Eskimo Dialects see also AL909J1912b;
7) Yarmolinsky, Avraham. 1944.  Aleutian Manuscript Collection in The New York Public Library, New York. see also AL944YJ1944;
8) Correspondence between Frans Boas and Jochelson, 1910; Frans Boas and A.Forstein, 1938.
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType text-traditional
Collection Bergsland Collection

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