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Title Niiĝuĝis Maqax̂tazaqangis. (Traditional Text: [History of the Atkan People]: Bergsland and Snigaroff, 1973.)
Description:Ts. multiple versions all  narrated by Cedor Snigaroff and transcribed and translated by Bergsland with the assistance of Snigaroff's daughter Vera Nevzoroff.
1) Free translation of the Aleut text.
2) 1973, Aleut version with annotations.
3) 1973, English version with annotations. 
4) 1976, edition, 3 annotated copies.
5) The Ancient Life pp. 18-41 of the history, annotated.
6) 1973 English version.
7) 1976 copy in Aleut with English facing pages.
8) 1973  booklet version in Cyrillic.
9) 1973 version in Cyrillic.
See also AL950BS1973, AL950BS1976.
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Snigaroff, Cedor L. (author)
Snigaroff, Cedor L. (speaker)
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType text-ethnographic
Collection Bergsland Collection

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