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Title Text: [Aleut texts and transcriptions,1934-1984]: Bergsland: 1984.
Description:Ms. and ts. texts and transcriptions by many authors. In 10 folders:
1) Sergie and Agnes, 1984;
2) John Nevzoroff, Larry Dirks, 1971; Spike Zaochney, 1971; Larry Dirks Sr.,1973; M.S.,M.D.,1973; Lydia Dirks,1973; John Kudrin, Frank Snigaroff, 1971; Terry Snigaroff, Mark Snigaroff, 1971; S.S, T.K.; K.G, S.S,; D.S., S.S.; Larry Dirks Jr,, 1973; Phillip Alfonse Nevzoroff, 1971; Olean Prokopeuff, 1973; M.D., V.N.; William (Vasilii) Henry Dirks, 1950, 1952; Sergey Golley;
3) Bill Dirks, 1984. 
4) Alex and Andrew Kenezuroff, 1984.
5) Agnes Sovoroff, 1982; Olga Mensoff, 1982.
6) Tessie Bendiksen (?) and Sally Ben(?), King Cove, 1984.
7) Vera Stepetin; The Wreck of the Umnak Native by Afenogin Ermeloff, 1934, Copies  in Aleut, Cyrillic and Aleut with English glosses, annotated.
8) Original Aleut texts collected by Gordon Marsh followed by his connected version of Jochelsons texts # 70 -71: Adams House, 1949; The Totem pole (Ikax) at Nikolski, by Afenogin Ermeloff translated by G. Marsh with the aid of Agnes Sovoroff, 1949, 1952; Three Decimations of the Attu People; Teachings; My fathers Advice (from Ted Banks); Chief of Uyu Village; Story of Samalga Island; Man Who Killed His Sister's Son's Father, 1949; Old Pith; Aleut Song per Dan Krukoff, 1952; Adventures With Outside Men, 1949; Wisdom, 1949.
9) Tanax Amix; Gusudaarix; Kalagax; Aalax Tayagux by Gabriel Stepetin,1983;
10) Ignaty Mensoff, 1952; Bill Tcheripanoff, 1952,1970; John Yachmeneff; Land Center Man; Tumitux by A. Ermilov; The Big Fart; Tanam angtan tayagu; End of Land Man; Tanang awa; That’s My Land; Miichim aliiquu agiitqaa Saagiin laa by Akwnfa Ermilov; Fox Text by Madrugin; Amxim Tunusaa by John Merculieff; Akenfa Ermilov's Songs: Song to My Father, Comforting Song.
Contributors Bergsland, Knut (author)
Dirks, Larry (author)
Dirks, Moses (author)
Ermeloff, Afenogin Kirillovich (author)
Kenezuroff, Alex (author)
Kenezuroff, Andrew (author)
Nevzoroff, John (author)
Yatchmenoff, John (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Unangan
LingType text-traditional
Collection Bergsland Collection

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