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Title [Unpublished Nondalton Stories].
Description:Albert Wassillie translated these stories into Dena'ina. Some may be his version of the story instead of a translation. Most of the translations are in ms. some are taped to the pages of the books.
All the original stories were published by Anchorage: National Bilingual Materials Development Center.
(1) Ts and ms. Adam, Lucy. 1975. Younger Sister and Spider Woman. Collected by Paul Melanowski, Translated by Fred Demit, edited by Patricia Partnow. 20 pp.
(2) Ts. Partnow, Patricia .1975. Before the Hunt. Adapted from McKennan, The Chandalar Kuchin (1965:80). 15 pp.
(3) Ts. David, Titus. 1975. The Boy That Went to the Moon. Collected by Paul Milanowski, edited by Patricia Partnow.  6 pp.
(4) Anonymous. 1975. A view of the Past. 24 pp. 2 copies.
(4) Ts. Wassillie, Albert. 1975. Naqenaga Duch'deldih. TI974W1978b.
(5) Ts. and ms. Partnow, Patricia. 1975. When People Meet Animals. 20 pp.
(6) Ts. Wassillie, Albert, and Nickoli Balluta. 1975. Yada Q'u Qinlchen? TI974WB1975d.
Contributors Wassillie, Albert (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType text-ethnographic

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