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Title Dena'ina Noun Dictionary.
Description:Ts. Preliminary Version April, 1974.  Two pp. of corrections April ,1975. Extremely broad coverage of noun lexicon for all dialects of Tanaina, ca. 4,000 entries, English to Tanaina by semantic category, with Tanaina index. Introduction includes discussion of Tanaina dialects. Acknowledged informants: Nellie Chicklusion, Fedora Constantine, Alexandra Allowan, Tommy Allowan, Alec Peter, Sava Stepan (Susitna-Tyonek); Shem and Billy Pete (Susitna-Willow); Mike Alex, Bailey, Mike and Katherine Theodore, Katie Nickanorga, John Stump (Eklutna-Knik); Katherine Nicolie (Talkeetna); Annie Ronning (Talkeetna); Zenia Kolyaha, Mary Jensen, Walter Johnson, Annie Johnson, Vera and Paraskovia Roehl, Lillian Lapp, Rose Hedlund (Iliamna); Pete Trefon, Albert Wassillie, Nickoli Balluta, Antone Evan, Macy Hobson, Mary L. Trefon, Mary V. Trefon, Dolly Hobson, Alexie Evan, Ruth Koktelash, Pete Koktelash, Alec Trefon, Bertha Trefon, Gulia Delkittie, Francis Wilson, Abe Wilson, Sophie Balluta, Jim Balluta, Vera Carltikoff, Agnes Cusma, Nick Kolyaha, Gust Evanoff (Nondalton); Pete, Vonga, and Kathrine Bobby, Nora, Emma and Nick Alexie, Luther Hobson, Helen Dick, Nick, Paul, and Roy Bobby (Lime Village, Stony River).
Citation Fairbanks: Alaska Native Language Center.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType lexicon

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