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Title Dena'ina villages, village sites, and major camp sites.
1) Ts lists native place names with literal gloss, gives location and description, notes dialect spoken at each; ca. 60 sites described.
2) Map of Dena'ina place names.
3)Ms. list of place names comparing Petrof 1880 (1900), Osgood "Native villages" (1937:13) and Townsend (map).
Much of this data was published in The Handbook of North American Indians Vol. 6.  Subarctic,1981. Smithsonian Institute. June Helm, Vol. Ed. 837 pp.
4) ts. correspondence re: the publication of the Handbook of North American Indians. Vol. 6 Subarctic. Smithsonian Institute.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType placenames

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