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Title Tanaina fieldnotes: Notebook 7
Description:Ms. field notebook #7, 1/30/74-4/10/74. Kenai. Consultants include: Peter Kalifornsky, Fedosia Sacaloff, and Bertha Monfor. Lexicon, verb forms, and paradigms; extensive noun classification data.
Data from the following consultants appear on the pages listed: 0 PK; 1-12 FS; 13-17 BM; 18-25 FS; 25 PK; 25-28 FS; 28-35 PK;35-38 BM; 38-39 PK; 40 FS; 40-43 PK; 43-45 FS; 45 PK; 45-46BM; 46-48 PK; 48-52 FS; 52-57 PK; 57-60 FS; 60 PK; 61-63 BM; 63-68 PK; 68-70 FS; 70 PK; 70-71 BM; 71-73 FS; 73-74 PK; 74-76 BM; 76-84 FS; 84 PK; 84-87 BM; 87-92 FS; 92-96 PK; 96-98 FS; 98 PK; 98-99 BM; 99-100 FS; 100-101 PK; 101-103 FS; 103-104 BM; 104-106 PK; 106-107 FS; 107-110 BM; 110-111 PK; 111-113 FS; 113-116 PK; 116-118 BM; 118-121 PK.
See also: Kailfornsky 1974a; 1974b; Index to Tanaina Tapes, TI972K1977h; Index to Jim Kari's Field Notebooks, TI972K2004.
Comments See index TI972K2004.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType description
Collection Kari Tanaina Field Notebooks
Files: TI972K1974a_notebook7.pdf

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