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Title Materials from Fourth Tanaina Workshop, Nov. 1975.
Description:Ts. and some ms., from workshop held November 17-21, 1975, at Anchorage. (1) summary report, agenda, participants, 5 pp.; (2) Chaqenq'a, translation of Koyukon reader Saan kuno into Upper Inlet dialect by Nellie Chickalusion, 1p.; (3) Kalnay Nu'it'eq, translation of Koyukon reader Dilk'ahoo Nonaat'uh by Zenia Kolyaha, Pedro Bay, 1 p.; (4) Shanteh, translation of Saan kuno by Albert Wassillie and Harry Balluta, Nondalton, 1 p.; (5) Naqeliteh, translation of Koyukon reader Huyts'in', 1 p.; (6) Litl'enteh, translation of Koyukon reader Kalook'ut ta, 1 p.; (7) Dena'ina Christmas cards, 2 pp.; (8) literacy exercises, songs, miscellaneous, 13 pp.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Subject Language(s) Dena'ina
LingType educational

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