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Title Comparative Eskimo Dictionary With Aleut Cognates.
Description:Book. 614 pp.
Sets of cognates bases or suffixes found in two or more of the Eskimo languages are given listed under their reconstructed proto-Eskimo (or proto-Yupik or proto-Inuit) form. The dictionary is alphabetical by these forms of the ancient common ancestor language of four thousand years ago, though when one proto-form is clearly derived from another, the derived one is given as an indented sub-entry under the other form. Separate sections list postbases (derivational  suffixes), inflectional endings, enclitics, and demonstratives. Aleut cognates are given throughout when they can be ascertained.
There is an English to protoform index. For Aleut and five of the Eskimo languages (Central Alaskan Yup’ik, Central Siberian Yupik, North Alaskan Inupiaq, Eastern Canadian Inuit, and West Greenlandic Inuit there are indices giving words in their standard spelling for the particular language and going to the protoform under which the word in question is to be found.
An introduction explains the orthography and format of the dictionary, the various phonological changes that have engendered the present-day daughter languages, and the relationship between outlines the history of the Eskimo-Aleut family of languages. The lexical sources consulted, published and manuscript, are discussed in detail.
This dictionary is the work of three scholars who are each very familiar with the lexicons of part of this wide-spread family of indigenous North American languages. The second edition adds more comparative sets to those of the first (1994) edition.
The CED will be interesting and useful to students/scholars of Eskimo linguistics and anthropology, and to those who are working in a particular Eskimo language and seek the meaning of a word they encounter which is not documented in any existing lexicon of the particular language.
Also in collection but stored in the ANLA Annex: 2 boxes containing:
Box 1:
Folder 1:  microfiche, zip disk, and 5 pp. correspondence, M. Fortescue to S. Jacobson.  Folders 2 and 3:  typescript draft of main entry section, date unknown, ca. 300 pp.  Folder 4:  Typescript draft of introduction and indeces, ca. 70 pp.  Multiple drafts.  Folder 5:  Typescript draft of bases section, ca. 100 pp., undated.  Folder 6:  Notes, handwritten, 42 pp. bases beginning with a; 12 pp. typescript proto-bases; 1 p. typescript, Sir/NSY forms needing confirmation; 1 p. diagram.  Folder 7:  Typescript draft of English index, 32 pp.; other additions and corrections from M. Fortescue.  Folder 8:  notes regarding revisions, both pre- and post-publication.  Folder 9:  A - I, ms. draft, alphabetical, dated May 23, 1991.  Folder 10:  K - P, ms. draft, alphabetical, dated May 23, 1991.  Folder 11:  Q - Y, ms. draft, alphabetical, dated May 23, 1991.
Box 2:
Ms. notes related to the dictionary. Many annotations by Krauss, Jacobson.
Citation Alaska Native Language Center Research Paper Number 9.  Fairbanks:  Alaska Native Language Center, 1994.  xx + 614 pp.
Contributors Fortescue, Michael D. (author)
Jacobson, Steven A. (author)
Kaplan, Lawrence D. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
LingType dialectology
Files: CE976FJK1994f.1.pdf

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