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Title The Kolchan: Athapaskans of the Upper Kuskokwim
Description:History and ethnology of UK groups.  Statement on languages, 56-58, fails to identify the language.  Kin terms, 114-116. Previously named Factionalism and acculturation in an Alaskan Athapaskan community, Revised as "The Kolchan:  Athapaskans of the Upper Kuskokwim," Univ. of Alaska Correspondence Study course, 1966, 148 pp.; statement on langauges pp. 3-4, kin terms 25-27.  Note also earlier paper, "The McGrath Ingalik," Univ. of Alaska Anthropological Papers 9:93-113 (1961), and later, "The Kolchan:  Delineation of a New Northern Athapaskan Indian Group," Arctic 1968:6-11, the latter suspecting a separate language.
Comments Also Published in In J. Helm, ed., Handbook of North American Indians, Volume Six, Subarctic.  Washington , D. C.:  Smithsonian Institution.  Pp. 618-622. 1981
Contributors Hosley, Edward H. (author)
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Subject Language(s) Upper Kuskokwim
LingType lexicon
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