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Title Explorations in Alaska, 1899, for an All-American overland route from Cook Inlet, Pacific Ocean, to the Yukon
Ethnographic and historical information on bands of the area, including placenames and personal names.  Vocabulary, p. 72, mostly Minchumina  Koyukon and Russian loans, but perhaps some Upper Kuskokwim. Includes large folded map with place names. Laminated photocopy of map with annotations by James Kari.  Also in collection, copy with ms, identifications and annotations by Michael Krauss.
Photocopy also shelved as K0961K1961. Public domain digital copy from GoogleBooks. An interactive version of Herron's map can be found at (accessed 2011-09-28) The kml file for the interactive map can be downloaded here.
Washington, D. C.:  U. S. Government Printing Office.  77 pp. + maps.
Contributors Herron, Joseph S. (author)
Type Text
Format application/pdf
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
Upper Kuskokwim
LingType lexicon
Collection Map
Files: 1899Ak1.tif

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