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Title The Eskimo Tribes: Their distribution and characteristics, especially in regard to language; with a comparative vocabulary and a sketch-map.
Description:Vol. I, general discussion 1-35, grammar 37-64 (mainly Greenlandic, comparative comments 59-60), comparative postbase list 65-75 (little Alaskan and Siberian data throughout and p. 75), comparative dictionary 77-163 (Alaskan and Siberian data from Beechey 1833, Whymper 1868, Robeck in Sarychev 1815, Zagoskin 1849, Dall 1870, Adelung 1816, Wrangell 1839, Krause 1883, Veniaminov 1846, Sauer 1802, Ray 1885).  Vol. II, general discussion 1031 (Alaskan and Siberian data 14-15), comparative vocabularies and discussion, arranged by semantic categories, 33-98, subject index 98-101, notes 114-116.  Reviewed by A. P. Murdoch, American Anthropologist 1:125-133 (1888).
Contributors Rink, Hinrich Johannes (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
Files: CE883R1887a.pdf

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