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Title (1) Obitateli severo-zapadnikh beregov Ameriki. (2) Statistische und ethnographische Nachrichten über die Russischen Besitzungen an der Nordwestküste von Amerika. (3) The Inhabitants of the Northwest Coast of America.
Description:(3) is translation of (1); (2) is German version with additional material by von Baer. (4) German version translated into English by Mary Sadouski, published in Materials for the Study of Alaska History, No. 15 pp. 63, 115-119.
 Page numbers below are for (1)/(2)/(3) respectively.  Comparative discussion of Chugach and Kodiak Sugpiaq, pp. 70-74/121-126/14-16; comparative table of 3 nouns and 5 numerals from Bering Strait (Beechey), Kodiak, Igloolik, and Aleut, 72/123/15.  Also catalogued as G 835 W1839.
Comments Also in collection:  Trans. by Emmanuel Galitzin.  Observations Recueillies par l'Amiral Wrangell sur les habitants des cotes Nord-ouest de l'Amérique.  In Ed. Arthus Bertrand.  Nouvelles Annales de Voyages et Des Sciences Géographiques, Vol.  33.  Paris:  Libraire de la Société de Géographie et de la Société des Antiquaires du Nord, 1853.  Pp. 195, 208-221.; Trans. Mary Sadouski from the German.  Ed. Richard Pierce.  Russian America Statistical and Ethnographic Information.  Kingston, ONT:  The Limestone Press, 1980. Pp. 59, 61-63.
Contributors Wrangell, Ferdinand von (author)
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Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
LingType lexicon
Files: CE835W1839.pdf

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