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Title [Aleut material].
Description:Letter includes discussion, paradigms, pronouns, ca. 35 forms and [?], from informant Markall.  Reference to Eschscholtz's work also by Chamisso in Kotzebue,  Entdechungs Reise in die Sud See…Vol. III.  Weimar, 1821.  Pp. 176-177.  English edition, A Voyage of Discovery into the South Sea and Bering Straits for the purpose of Exploring a North-East Passage, Undertaken in the Years 1815-1818…in the Ship Rurick, under the Command of…Otto von Kotzebue.  Volume III.  London, 1821.  Pp. 312-314.  Includes one Aleut form, all in Hjelmslev, Rasmus Rask Udvalgte Afhandlingen, Vol. II.  Copenhagen, 1932-33.  Pp. 257.
Comments Cf.  AL 817 E1817.  Also in collection:  Udelbert von Chamisso's Werte.  Leipzig, 1836.  Pp. 328-333, 376-381.; Chamisso, Adelbert von.  Sämtliche Werke:  Band II.  Winkler Verlag München, 1975.  Pp. 16-17, 20-21, 34-37, 104-105, 196-199, 222-223, 256-257, 492-497.; Chamisso, Adelbert von.  A Voyage Around the World with the Romanzov Exploring Expedition in the Years 1815-1818 in the Brig Rurik, Captain Otto Von Kotzebue.  Translated and edited by Henry Kratz.  Utonolulu:  University of Hawaii Press (no year given).  Pp. 16-21, 32-35, 76-79, 94-95, 178-181, 202-203, 234-235; 1 p. letter from unknown correspondent to "Peter."; 1 p. cataloguing notes for Aleut entry (M. Krauss).
Contributors Eschscholtz, Johann Friedrich (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut

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