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Title Puteshestvie Kapitana Billingsa Chrez Chukotskuyu zemayu ot Beringova proliva do Nizhnekolymskago ostroga, i plavanie Kapitana Galla Na sudnye Chernom Orlye po Syeverovostochnomu Okeanu v 1791 godu.
Description:Naukan (from Robeck) and Kodiak (mostly from Robeck, part Sarychev), 37 cognates compared, with conclusion that the languages are closely related.
Comments Also in collection:  (1) 1 p. notes by M. Krauss.  (2) Wörterbuch der Olenüi und Aiwanskiya Tschuktschi.  Gesammelt von Dr. Robek welcher Capt. Billings als Argt begleitete.  16 pp. ms., comparative word list.  (3) Excerpt from Merck's journal entry about transmission of Robek vocab to Pallas.  4 pp.  (4) Reprint, in G. A. Sarychev, Puteshestvie po severo-vostochnoi chasti sibiri ledovitomu moryu i vostochnomu okeanu.  Moscow:  Tosudarstvennoe izatel'stvo geograficheskoy literatury, 1952.  (5) German edition.
Contributors Sarychev, Gavriil Andreevich (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
Files: CE791S1811.pdf

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