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Title Table to Show the Affinity between the languages spoken at Oonalashka and Norton Sound, and those of the Greenlanders and Esquimaux.
Description:Comparison of Unalaska Aleut (54 items, mostly Samwell), Norton Sound (33 items, King), Greenlandic (11 items, Crantz), Canadian Eskimo (35 items, Dobbs).  First comparative work including Alaska.  Also catalogued as CY778K1784, AL778K1778.
Comments Also in collection:  (2) 2 pp. notes by M. Krauss, with additional notes for the catalogue entry:  "Ms. Admiralty 55/113, folio 60.  Public Records Office.  Clerk's copy of Cook's Journal and Log, the original of which (Egerton ms. 2177A) lacks this vocabulary, which was apparently removed by the editor, to include in the published version (1784, Vol. 3, Appendix 6, pp. 554-555).  The spelling of many of the Oonalashka and Norton Sound items in the published version are different from those in this copy, each being at times probably closer to the lost original.  This ms. also differs from the published version in including a column for "Sandwich Sound" (Prince William Sound), which contains only the numerals, "yes," and "what call you that?"  However, the language of this in Tanaina (the earliest documentation of any Alaskan Athabaskan).  In the published version these forms are combined instead with the Prince William Sound (Sugpiaq) vocabulary (1784, Vol. II, p. 375-6), again with some significant variant spellings.   (3) The ms. referred to by the above entry.  (4) Two bibliographic references to the Cook and King table.  (5) Two short paragraphs from different sources shedding light of the data collection and various mss.
Contributors King, James (author)
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Subject Language(s) Comparative Eskimo-Aleut
LingType lexicon
Files: CE778K1778.pdf

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