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Resource Details

Title Tsimshian Stories.
Introduction and key 3-5; 14 traditional, ethnographic, and historical texts from Beynon 1932, including 4 in Tsimshian and English (nos. 55, 56, 57, 74, pp. 10-37, 156-162), retranscribed in Hayward's orthography, rest in English only.  Informants Joseph Bradley, Isaac Tens, Louis Grey, Eliza (Mrs. John) Ross, William Smith, Martha Johnson, Joshua Tsibasa, and at least one text written by Beynon.  (Volume 1, Metlakatla, 1980, ca. 150 pp., contains 26 texts, in English only, from informants Herbert Wallace, Isaac Tens, Matthew Shepphard [sic], Joshua Tsibasa, Matthew Johnson, Joseph Bradley, Ethel Musgrave, William Smith; and two texts written by Beynon.
Contributors Beynon, William (author)
Hayward, Russell (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType text-ethnographic

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