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Title Gwich'in Nihkhah Linagiljil Nakhaginjik Zhit Gidiniidijii. (Holy Communion Service in Tukudh.)
Description:Two programs (both roughly the same) for Communion Services conducted in Tukudh (1 in 1988 and 1 in 1990).  The material in the programs is from McDonald.  File also contains a flyer for the 1989 service and a letter from Ritter describing the 1989 service.  Programs are 12 and 14 pp. each, and in Tukudh Gwich'in with some English.
Comments Celebrants included: 1988-Rev. Isaac Tritt, Sr.; 1989-Rev. Trimble Gilbert, Rev. Isaac Tritt, Sr., Lay Reader Mrs. Edith Josie; 1990-Rev. Dr. Ellen Bruce, Rev. Effie Linklater, Rev. Titus Peter.  All services took place at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Fairbanks. 
Cf. also KU 972 R2000b and c.
Contributors Ritter, John T. (compiler)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in
LingType religious

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