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Title Jii Ch'iti' Digii Eet'iinghya' Gwik'it K'eegwaadhat Datthak Diineet'iinghan. (Luke 15:11-32.)
Description:Illustrated Gwich'in translation of Luke 15:11-32, set in modern times. In Gwich'in only. 7 pp.
Comments Companion to KU 983 ER 1984 b, which is the same story set in biblical times.
2 copies in collection.
Contributors DeMers, Pierre (author)
Erick, Judy (author)
Mueller, Richard J. (author)
Roberts, Mary Rose (author)
Tritt, Caroline (author)
Tritt, Dina (author)
Tritt, Mary R. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Gwich'in
LingType religious

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