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Title [Roster of Indigenous Families, Census and Baptismal Records]
Description:Roster of Indigenous Families, Census and Baptismal Records
Census book of the Tena'. Undated. By Father Julius Jette', S.J.
Rationale Familiarum Indigenarum a Missione St Petri claver, Nulatensi, dependentium [Roster of indigenous families, dependents of  St. Peter’s Mission, Nulato]. By Father Julius Jette', S.J. Bound 330 page ledger book, handwritten and maintained by Jette from about 1907-1913 and maintained at Nulato.  Archive copy was made from the 3611 ALASKA MFILM microfilm reel #20 with numbers & place names inserted by James Kari.  Forty-five community entries with about 1442 persons.  Also Jette did a 14-page alphabetical Index Nominum Vernaculorum.  James Kari has made a guide to these records, assigning numbers to the 45 settlements, with a table and map and checking the place names in Jette's 1910 3rd draft of Geography of the Tena'
Comments Other handwriting in the Jette' Census by other priests who were updating vital statistics.
See also Jones 1979a.
Rasmuson library Alaska mission collection [microform], 1887-1955. 3611 ALASKA MFILM reel 20
Citation GENERAL INTRODUCTION:  The Jesuit Oregon Province Archives (JOPA) serves as the designated depository for key historical materials that retain both the corporate history of the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus, and the personal files and contributions of its individual members.
Contributors Jetté, Jules (author)
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Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType lexicon
Files: 04Index_Indian_names.pdf

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