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Title Words toward vocabularies of the Tinneh tribes.
Description:Parallel wordlists for 5 dialects of Koyukon, alphabetical by English (428 glosses): Nulato Ingalik (259 items), Ulu'kuk Ingalik (apparently Kaltag, 250 items), Tanana Ingalik (Central Koyukon, 199 items), Unakhatana (Central Koyukon, 298 items), Tenan Kutchin (Upper Koyukon with some Tanana or Kutchin mixture, 145 items), collected 1866-67.  In Comparative vocabulary, pp. 550-551, includes Kaiyuhkhatana (Ulukuk), Kaiyuhkhotana (Northeastern) and Unakhatana vocabularies, ca. 36 items each, of the "Western or Tana Tinneh" with different spellings and/or forms from the preceding.
Contributors Dall, William Healy (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Koyukon
LingType lexicon
Files: Vocabularies.pdf

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