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Title [Holikachuk personal names in census and baptismal records.]
Description:Ms. (1) Jan. 1910, Holikachuk and Innoko villages, over 60 personal names and four names of villages (from records shelved as IK887C1907, pp. 23-26).  (2) Oct. 1929, Hologochakat, ca. 20 personal names, 8 pp. (In record shelved as IK887C1929).  (3) April 1930, Hologochakat, ca. 150 personal names (in record shelved as IK887C1930, pp. 36-44).  In his Introduction to Ten'a Texts and Tales from Anvik, Alaska (IK887C19l4), Chapman discusses (p. i) differences of Holikachuk-Innoko language from Ingalik. 24 pp.
Contributors Chapman, John W. (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Holikachuk
LingType lexicon
place names

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