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Title [Holikachuk + Ingalik field notebook #4]
Description:203 pp.  Copy of ms. fieldnotes, 1977-1981. Mary Bobby and Nastasia Evan (Kuskokwim Ingalik), Stony River, June 1977; Ida Richards, Mary Williams, Marcus Maillelle, Genevieve Newman, Evan Edward, Belle Deacon, Grace John, Lena Dementi, Bertha Dutchman, Cleo Fairbanks, Priscilla Wood, Jim Dementi, John Paul, June-Aug. 1977, March 1978 at Anvik, Shageluk, Holy Cross, Grayling; Mishka Waski (Kuskokwim Ingalik) at Lime Village, Sept. 1977; Deacon Deafon (Kuskokwim Ingalik), age 88, Deacon's Landing, Feb. 1979; Antone Charley of Middle Innoko; M. Bobby of Stoney River, 1980; Gusty Michael of Stoney River, 1980; Grace John, 1981; Belle Deacon & Alta Jerue, 1981; Xenia Peter; Jimmy Alexander; John & Belle Deacon, 1983.
Contributors Kari, James (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Deg Xinag
LingType dialectology
Files: IK974K1977.pdf

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