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Title [Alaskan Haida wordlists.]
Description:Alaskan Haida word1ists, total ca. 200 items, copied by Gibbs from mss. obtained from the Hudson's Bay Co. in Victoria in 1857. Transcriptions obviously by the same person. Certain semantic categories overlap from one list to the other, but other categories are unique to one or the other; the two are therefore complementary, probably originally one effort. Unique to "Haidai" (1) are kinship terms, body parts; to (2), trade goods, animals, clothing. 7 pp.  (2), the shorter, published in Gibbs 1877. BAE ms, 1039, Swan and HBC, includes almost all the items in both these lists as well as some phrases which appear in neither, in the column headed "Haida". 4 pp.
Citation (1) Vocabularies of the Tongass or Klinikate, Kaigarnie or Haidai, Chim-sy-an and Ha-eel-tsuk or Bala-balla. Copy by George Gibbs. NAA, BAE ms. 281. (2) Kaigarnie, a dialect of the Haida. Copy by George Gibbs. NAA, BAE ms, 1038. (3) [both published in] Co
Contributors Anonymous (author)
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Subject Language(s) Haida
LingType lexicon
Files: HAA857A1857-01.pdf

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