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Title [Nass materials.]
Description:(1) ms. notes on printed schedule, ca. 250 items with extra forms in margin. (2), ms. copy of (1), no extra forms. (3) ms., ca. 60 additional forms and phrases different from those in (1), published in (4) as "Note on the use of Numerals among the T'sim-si-an', including conjugation of 'to work'." (4) ca. 180 words as in (3), respelled, without additional forms.
Comments The Words appear to be all in Tsimshian, not Nisqa'a.  Tarpent's note
Citation (1) Vocabulary of the Naas, obtained from Celestin Ozier, a half-breed, at Port Townshend, Wa. Ty., in May 1857, by George Gibbs. NAA, BAE ms. 276a. 6 pp. (2) Vocabulary of the Tsim-si-ann (Naas or Niskah). NAA, BAE ms. 276b. 7 pp. (3) [Tsimshian vocabulary] NAA, BAE ms.276c. 5pp. (4) Vocabulary of the Nass. In Contr. to N. Amer. Ethnology I:143-152 (1877)
Contributors Gibbs, George (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType lexicon

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