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Resource Details

Title Church Manual, Metlakatla.
Printed manual, English and Tsimshian. Pp. 12-25, 13 hymns in Tsimshian, p. 26, Lord's Prayer and Benediction, in earlier orthography than Duncan 1885; undated but probably ca. 1880. Original printed version was 32 pp., this copy missing 6 pp. Note that Ridley (Hist. Church Missionary Soc. 3:251, 1880) and Collison (In the Wake of the War Canoe, 1875) claimed Duncan had provided no printed religious material in Tsimshian; this view also supported by Mrs. Ridley (Snapshots from the North Pacific, Church Missionary Soc., 1904, p.24-25, fn., ca. 1886) and John W. Arctander (The Apostle of Alaska, pp. 363-364, 1909), the last also claiming Duncan had made no scripture translations.  i+26 pp.
Contributors Duncan, William (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsimshian
LingType text-religious

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