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Title [Nisga field notes.]
Description:In 4 ms. notebooks paginated 1-380, 443-462. Pp. 1-12, 189-248 are Tsetsaut, the rest Nisga. Pp. 13-38 lexicon from John Edwards, ca. 1,200 items; 39-88, 93-117 interlinear text on left, lexical notes on right, from Phillip; 118-150 texts in shorthand, told in English or Chinook only, from Chief Mountain; 151-188 lexicon, ca. 1,100 items and a little text from Moody; 250-259, lexicon, ca. 400 items, from Luke; 260-380 texts, interlinear, both sides, from Moses, including (345-347) unpublished text. Texts published in Boas 1902. Lexicon mostly copied on cards in Boas and Anonymous 1902.  400 pp.
Citation APS ms. Pn 5a.5.
Contributors Boas, Franz (author)
Type Text
Subject Language(s) Tsetsaut
LingType lexicon
Files: TS886B1894a_01.pdf

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